If you are curious about how bail bonds work in Murfreesboro, TN, take a look at some frequently asked

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What Is Bail?

When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, they have a right to a trial. But because the wheels
of justice move slowly, the trial may take place weeks, months, or years after the initial arrest. The bail
is a contingency paid to the county that allows the defendant to go home instead of await trial in jail. When
you appear in court, the bail money is returned to whoever paid it.

What If I Don’t Post Bail?

If you do not post bail, you will be required to await your trial in the county jail.  You may have
the option of appealing to the courts to be released on your own recognizance, and this will depend on your
reputation and any prior criminal offenses.

What If I Can’t Afford Bail?

Bail is often a fee of several thousand dollars or more, and most people cannot pay this amount all at
once. A bail bonds company has the resources to pay the full amount in exchange for a percentage of the full

How Do I Get a Bail Bond?

To get a bail bond, contact a bail bonds company that is licensed in the county where you were arrested.
Provide the full name and jail booking number of the person in custody (yourself or the person you are
posting bail for), the name and location of the jail, and the amount of bail. You may also need to provide
collateral for the remainder of the bail to ensure that the defendant makes their court appearance.

What Can I Use as Collateral?

If the bond company requires collateral to ensure that the defendant appears in court, you can use
property such as a real estate deed, a car title, or jewelry. When you appear in court and the bail is
returned to the bond office, you will receive your collateral back.

How Much Will a Bail Bond Cost Me?

In Tennessee, the cost of a bail bond is 10% of the full bail amount. You pay the bail bonds company 10%
of the full cost, and the bail company will pay the courts the full bail amount.

Do I Get Any Money Back If I Use a Bail Bond?

No. The 10% cost for a bail bond is the price of the service of the bond company and is not refundable.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Affordable Bail Bonds offers student discounts for enrolled students at Middle Tennessee State University.